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asked Oct 19 in Landlord and Tenant by RIZWAN

X a bank employee stayed in Y' s flat on a monthly rental basis. After few months,Y made a request to X to opt for a car loan  under name X, so that the monthly EMI's will be remitted to X,s bank account. Trusting Y, X availed the same and  Y was promptly deposited in X's bank account.the said EMI's. 

Y increased the flat rent. X was not agreeable, so was asked to vacate the flat. X shifted to a new flat and later found that the said EMI's were not deposited into his bank account. So X visited Y's flat to collect the EMI's, but Y was not available over there and X came to understand that Y was only an "in-charge person of the flat" and not the true owner. 

What action should X take and seek the legal remedy?



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