My company is not accepting my resignation

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asked Mar 7, 2015 in Labour & Employment Law by PK DE
I am a doctor by profession,and working under contract with a West Bengal,based pvt company.My contract expires on 30th April15. Now I an getting new job with good salary. My notice period is 3 months but according to agreement I have right to leave anytime by paying 3 months salary. I had no much time,to inform because it was a walk-in interview.

So 0n 6th Feb I informed them and on 11th march I resigned.But still now they are not saying anything regarding my resignation,nor giving  me relieving letter.They even not talking to me,regarding this joining is on 16th march. What should I do? please advice me.

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answered Apr 1, 2015 by Raj Singhania Experts
This is the case of jealousy with your progress in your career. In the the job. many times you will to such circumstances and face these type people who do not want others to go up.

In this scenario, you have an option the leave with intimation to the hospital and handing over all the charges you have currently. In this option hospital may sue you in the court and you have to pay the maximum salary (that 3 months less your notice time) OR they may simply ask you to pay.

Second option is to pursue them politely and request them for proper treatment for the services rendered to the hospital.
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