Residential land bought together with my office colleague

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asked Apr 13 in Property Law by ibmnaidu
Dear Advocate,

My friend Rajkumar and myself Ramesh, we both were working together in IBM.We trust each other by that time and started searching for land and due to the land amount was higher than our budget. We bought Residential land for 20 lakhs from seller under the guidence of the sub registrar.

Scheule of the property original documents with me & it was bought near Ponneri-Tamilnadu.(Coz of one of the known tamilnadu broker we bought the land very far away from our hometown)
Rajkumar is from Karnataka-Bangalore
Ramesh is from Andhra pradesh-Hyderabad
Land is from Ponneri -Tamilnadu
value of R.Land 50 Cents (50cents X 436 SQ.ft =21,800 SQ.ft)

Problem now is he is afraid of his wife torture and abscond from his family. His parents also died recently and his need and deed ones are none apart from his wife.As per him she is characterless and she is not interested to live with him, she wants only his money not him.( Already he took personal loan and managed to gave her 12 Lakhs.)
Without telling anyone he left office by last month march end and even i do not know where he is now.But i am sure that he will come soon in touch to me to register the land deed ownership completely to me by selling his part share for 10 lakhs as what he invested.

After he left, she found a xerox photocopy of the land documents in her home and called me & threatening as i know him and she is telling that you both bought the land from so and so seller with my husband and your name. I will put a case against it and take my husband share as well. if you don't tell where is my husband i will put case against you as well. Even Bank managers are called me saying that he left by cheating them for 22 Lakhs in totatl. I told very clearly that i do not know what you guys are talking about, i dont know what land you are talking.
Do what ever you want i do not know i said.

Is their any chance for me to sell the land without himm, which we bought together.?

Now my query is If he comes in contact with me soon or later , i can gohead and register as completely single owner for that property in my name ?? no issues will occur from his wife & Banks ?

In future if she/Banks finds that by taking EC of property then they will come to know that i registerted the land on very recent date then by any chance she/Banks can file a case against me saying that earlier Ramesh said on other day he don't know and now he registered secretly with Rajkumar??

Please suggest me an idea how to avoid her & Banks and then comeout of this land issues safely without issues.


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