Wife demading maintance

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asked Apr 12 in Adoption and Child Custody by Babu
My wife is seprated from since last nearly 9yrs i tried to comply her but did not seceeded in that
Now fr 18/1/17 she has started serving me notices fr her lawyer till date I have recived four notices  till 20/2/17
I also answred her notices through my lawyer  asking her to comply with me and I m ready to take her back in life from the depths of my heart as still I have not remarried.
She has asked 40000 per month and house which must be closed to her parents house and various other expenses like tuition fee and other
I m having two children one of 16 ( girl) and a boy  of 9yrs
Pls advise what should I do
The flat in which now I m living is in her name which was purchased by me through my resources and earned money way back in 2003

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