I want to teach lesson to my wife's parents

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asked Mar 26 in Adoption and Child Custody by Ashok Sam
I got married on 20/05/2008 and we were happy after marriage and stayed separately in Hyderabad in a rented house.  I am working as medical transcriptionist.  We got one daughter aged 5 years and son aged 2 years.  My wife shows extreme interest in her family.  So many times i told to my wife that we need to cope up our family first and then you show interest to your family.  Monthly i am getting 25,000 salary.  Every month i will give all the salary to my wife where i used to spend money a lot.  She used to maintain my house in a good manner.  Our relation is very good, but whenever she got call from her parents, she used to manipulate me that we will go back to our home town and we will buy a new house.  Apart from this, coming to my family my father and mother are government employees and my mother is getting pension.  There are lot of disputes arose from my family with my wife, but i never left my wife and I only left my family and brothers.


After my wife manipulation, I came to my hometown (Nellore) and took a rented house and my daughter joined in school.  After coming to my hometown, my wife's family started to visiting my home and also one of her brother is staying with us.  As i am having lot of opportunities in Hyderabad and less opportunities in Nellore, there are some financial wolves arose in my family.  Even my noticed the financial problems, but she used to stay her brother in my house only.  Daily we have argument regarding this.  Again my wife parents involved in our life and told that me and my wife has to look matches to my wife's brother and also they demanding dowry of around 15 lakhs.  As i am aware of my wife's family, I avoid to look matches to my wife's brother.  She left home regarding her brother's marriage and asking me to come and stay in her parents house.


I send a legal notice 1 week back stating that to come and join, but she is refusing.


The thing is my wife is innocent, but my wife's mother and brothers are used to manipulate her.  My daughter is coming to school from the distance of 20 km in sports bike.  Whenever i used to visit the school to see my daughter my wife and her brother teaching to my daughter not to talk to me.


I want to teach a lesson to my wife's parents as well as my wife and i want to get my wife and childrens.  Please suggest me.

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