What are winning chances of my ornament that we presented to my wife at marriage time and paying alimony?

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asked Mar 13 in Divorce by anonymous

Hi sir, 

My name is Anand, I recently got married 3 months back. I gave money for one ornament to my wife before engagement as per their wish through online transfer. But they didn't provide us any bills for that. After marriage  she stayed at my home for only 5 days.If we ask them to bring that ornament to our house she refused to come to my house as abusing my parents were ill treated her and i am not taking care of her and I and my parents  have no right to ask her about the ornament once we gave her. I spent more money on that ornament in terms of lakh. Even me or my family doesn't have any idea how it was. Due to these misbehaviour of my wife saying wrong allegations on my parents and blackmailed us by filing  domestic violence case against on us if we ask about our ornament , I am not interested to continue my relationship with  such mentality girl. 

 In this case, If i file for divorce,

1) what are the winning chances of my ornament get back to me? Because as a middle class people it is very           hard to earn such money and very painful to loss right on my own item. 

She is post graduate and did job previously but not currently working.She was not stayed much days with me. She didn't fulfill their daughter in law duties . So 

2) What are the chances of paying alimony.   

Need your guidance. Please help me to sort out the issue.

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