Mutual Consent Divorce

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asked Nov 29, 2016 in Divorce by MutualD
My wife and I have agreed to file for divorce with Mutual Consent. We have tried our best but we are not able to live with each other. We have not had any ugly fights and over the course realized that it is not working out and we are two different people wanting different things in life. I stay in US and she is flying back to India where we got married. We spoke and decided that we want to handle this with utmost maturity and respect for one another and the family. I am planning to travel back to India to speak to my parents few weeks later.

Question: What are things I need to know about divorce by mutual consent? How long does the process take? Are there any things I need to be cautious about in this entire process? Are there any clauses on the marriage spending and any finances? I would also like to add that the marriage was never consummated and it has been 11 months now since the marriage. Does this qualify for annulment? Do we have this consent in India?

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