mother in law, husband,wife dispute

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asked Nov 9, 2016 in Maintenance and Alimony by divya
My father-in-law is gvt retired high designated he is getting 50000/- pension.and rents of the property as 70000/-.I am living with my two girl children one is 9yrs .and other is 5yr old in my mothers house.not even a single rupee my husband spent on my children's career in 10 yrs of my marriage.I am suffering a lot financially.he has political influence with that I did not put any case against him.instead he filed in court that I should come back to the court he said that he is unemployed.his father said I did not give a rupee from my property to me and to my children because it is his own earned money.

Do I have any rights of getting property to my daughters for their career and marriage.

We are suffering with daily expenses .Is there any act to get rid of this?

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