Its regarding a 420 criminal case

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asked Sep 12, 2016 in Criminal Law by anonymous
I had submitted fake salary certificates while acquiring a job in a company 7 years ago. when asked , I told everything, that I did. the company file a case against us, under which i was into the jail for 24 days. I am on bail now.

The case is yet to be stand in the court. I hereby want to admit that, I am not of the criminal nature.

I was not having any kind of bad intention to cheat anyone. I did it, out of some greed, to earn more money for self.

Even, I was not aware that I am doing any crime like thing.But later I realized that  whatever I did was wrong.

This thing has brought so many restrictions in life now. I cant apply for jobs in big companies, I cant marry, cant apply for visa, etc...

I am afraid of going into the jail again which would definitely ruin current stability in life.

Is there any remedy to get out of this situation? I am charged with sections 408,420,465,467,468,471,474,34.

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