maintanance from husband- though we are living together

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asked Aug 28, 2016 in Maintenance and Alimony by Cecilya
Dear sir,

Iam married in 2010 and i have a son of 5 yrs old. We are never happy as our thinkings is always opposite, but as we belong to a respectable family and my parents can not afford all thses legal issues i dont want to divorce from my husband even he too dont want. We both are in  jobs.I have a small job earning 10,000. He is earning 90,000 per month. All my in come I used to spend for the house hold expenses, u will be surprised to know he never gifted a single saree or a dress in all these years to me.. such a person he is.. and he never tells me what he is doing for his salary... Is there any act so that i can know how he is spending all this money? i met with a health problem due to which iam un able to continue my job. My husband will never give me a single rupee to me even for house expenses...if i ask for a 100 rupees he will give 50 rupees though i exaplain what is the need, its just like a begging every day...Fed up in arguing with there any way that a wife(Though not separated) can get money from his husband, if any law is there please suggest me...

Waiting for the reply from you as i have no other hope how to clear my problem...

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