GPA Registration of land

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asked Aug 22, 2016 in Property Law by reddy
Hello Sir,

We have a site in Bangalore which is formed in a Non-DC Converted land.
My father has purchased this site from a person named "AA" in year 1995 by the way of GPA, by
paying the market value to "AA". We have the documents and receipts regarding the same.

GPA is registered and gives right for my father to sell or lease the property & enjoy the
property as my father wanted.
However, till today, my father has not registered the property on his name nor sold to anyone
else.At the same time, there was no objection from the person who gave the GPA till today.

But now, my father is planning to sell the property for which i suggested him to first
register the property and then go for selling.

Now the questions are :

1. Can my father register the property on my name, with out the presence of the person who
gave the GPA to my father? Will this be legal and will i be posessing the owenership for the
site after the registration?

2. If the property is registered in my name, after few months if the GPA person comes to know
about this latest transaction, will he have a right to file a case against this site?

3. Does the GPA person need to be intimated for the registration?

4. Also, Since my father is registreting the property on my name, would it be legal to
register on the family member names?

5. Also, if my father sells to other person, should the consideration amount be returned to "AA" ? I hope NO because we have already purchased from AA by paying the market value in 1995. Pls clarify this?

Note: The Person who gave the GPA is still alive & we dont want to get him for a signature on

a sale deed, because he might ask for some money.

Below are few of the statement in the GPA:

1."Convey the schedule property by way of sale,mortgage, lease or otherwise fix full

consideration and to recieve and to execute the sale deed and to admit execution of the same

in the concerned SRO and to complete registration on my behalf"

2. To obtain loans and to appear before the BBMP, electricity on my behalf

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