Am I being sexually harassed at work

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asked Feb 19, 2015 in Sexual Harassment Law by Malini Upadhyay
I have strong feeling that I am being sexually harassed at work. My superior doesn't give me much work and mostly he depends upon male colleagues.  

Though, I thought it is good for me but I may lag behind in log run. What should I do now to deal with such situations?

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answered Feb 20, 2015 by Raj Singhania Experts
It will be treated as sexual harassment if a woman is discriminated just because of being female. Like, if a female employee is given more work or given less work as compared to male counterpart then it is sexual discrimination and that can considered as sexual harassment.  

Although in India, as a general practice in office, female employees are given more liberty just because of Indian culture. They are given less work and work that has low challenge jobs. Generally outdoor work is not given. But this too is asexual harassment as per present Indian Laws.

But, if you are interested in more work and want equal challenges compared to male employees then you should ask your superior to give work to you accordingly. Because, he may be treating in better way being a female as per his thinking. But you should be careful as if you start doing more challenging work then it will not possible for you withdraw from it and you will get less time for you other activities. You may get less leave and less time for family and relatives.
commented Feb 20, 2015 by Maniben Singh
I agree with answer of Raj Singhania given above. Whenever a female is discriminated for being a female then it will be lawfully sexual harassment. But, choose to work more wisely as Indian female has many family responsibilities that they will have to fulfill.
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