yes bank reduced balance negative

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asked Feb 18, 2015 in Banking Law by Maniben
I have a saving account at Yes Bank and I am not using it for year after complete withdrawal of money.  
I still receive and emails and they show balance -Rs 3600 . They have not yet put my account in dormant state.  How can balance be negative?

1 Answer

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answered Feb 20, 2015 by Maniben Singh
This is really tragic way of doing things in wrong way by Banks. After flooding of private bank on Indian Banking system they have made up their own rules and public is being harassed by many ways. Your balance can never be negative and the account should have been put to dormant immediately after 6 months.

They make balance negative for any adjustment if they get any payment to your account by mistake. But don’t worry they cannot do anything. Alternatively you can write to Bank ombudsman and Finance Minister of India.

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