can father sell his proerty or do will to one son

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asked Jul 6, 2016 in Trademark and Copyright by anonymous
We are Four Brothers and our Father is Having 96 bigha Agriculture land in rajasthan.our Father Distributed

some of his Property to us many Years back when we were teenagers
brother A - 14 bigha,
brother B -14 Bigha,
Brother C-19 Bigha Bcoz that whole land Plot area was 19 Bigha therefore,
Brother D-14 bigha,
brother A & D both again taken 5 & 5 bigha now from father and did Mutation also
But Father Not Gave 5 Bigha to B, Bcoz Person C is not having Road to his agriculture land, so father told B

to Do  1/2 of His Plot and Distribute so that both of u will have road facing land, But person B told that

he will not Brake his Patta of his 14 bigha and will not give he can only give 10 feet road. then father

told after my death remaning 5 bigha of each will be distributed so its better if u dont want to do 1/2 of

your land then distribute 5 bigha to person c from your land so that person c will get road facing also and

his total land will be at one place only and u will get remaning of your part from remaining of my

agriculture land(14-5 then =9)+13 at one place but he is not listening that too so father told him if u will

not agree both conditon i'll give remaing part of your land i.e 24-14=10 bigha to person C itself. so can

father sell his agricultre land to Person C and will person C will be able to File Mutation ?? and will his

name can got enrolled in Mutation without any problem ??? or what should father Do i.e wether father should

do sale deed of that land (i.e 10 bigha) to Person C. or Will or gift deed or any other Solution?????and

this Total 96 bigha Father Got from one women who adopted our father as Son, bcoz she is not having her

husband and even children. so please suggest what should we Do???

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