Tax Consultancy firm (Sole Proprietorship Firm)

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asked Jun 5, 2016 in Legal Aspects of Business by ROHIT GUPTA

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am Rohit Gupta, just completed my LLB and enrolled as an Advocate in Bar Council.

I want to form a Tax Consultancy firm (Sole Proprietorship Firm) with full time service basis.

Proposed Firm Name as: “Gayatri Associates” – Tax Consultants

Court of Practice : Income Tax Department, Service Tax Department, VAT (Sale Tax) Department, Income Tax Appellate Authorities, CESTAT Tribunal & VAT (Sale Tax)Tribunal only.

I am planning to get registration with local authorities (Shop & Establishment Authorities) & Service Tax Department only when I reach Rs.10 Lac gross receipt in any forthcoming Financial Year.

I am planning to get print Professional Fee -Invoice receipt book containing details of my own PAN Card details being a Sole Proprietorship and my advocate bar council registration number details, too.  

My questions are:-

  1. Is there any restriction from Bar Council of India or State Bar Council for forming                         Tax Consultancy Firm (as Sole Proprietorship firm) for an Advocate?
  2. Can I use my daughter name as my Firm Name?
  3. Do I need any registration with Bar Council of India or State Bar Council, separately in name of firm?
  4. Any other additional personal details like to suggest for Professional Fee – Invoice Receipt for Client?


Your reply is very helpful to me for my Career.

Thank you

Warm regards

Rohit Gupta

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