Ran away from accident point

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asked Feb 14, 2015 in Traffic Law by Neeraj Chauhan
2 days back I was driving my car in highway from Ahmedabad to Surat and I saw an accident live.

One car (maybe it was Hyundai Verna but not sure about it) has a person who was walking on road. The car owner ran away immediately. I was behind him some 100 meters and could not see anything clearly but as I reached on the spot many people have gathered and tried to lift him for hospitals.

I want to know why people do this and run away. What a person like can do in such situation.

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answered Feb 16, 2015 by Raj Singhania Experts
This is really tragic thing now. Most of the people leave the place of accident after they themselves commit it. This has become a big problem in India. Thus recently Supreme Court has asked police for not making trouble to the people who carried the accident patient to hospital

People run away to avoid any trouble to them and I think nobody wants trouble. In road there is no proof of accident most of the time and thus vehicle owner leave easily without any burden of arrest.
commented Feb 17, 2015 by advocate ashok
I agree with the answer given above

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