My Subordinate Lodged Complaint of Sexual Harassment.

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asked Feb 14, 2015 in Sexual Harassment Law by Srikant Sharma
I am working in a reputed IT company and my subordinate is a woman of age 4 years younger to me. Few months back there was huge pressure of work and she denied taking responsibility and thus I have taken some action that will affect her carrier in due course.

Now, she has lodged a false complaint in office against me of sexual harassment to take revenge or to nullify the effect on her carrier with action taken by me.

These days everywhere there is talk of woman of their harassment and nobody listens about harassment of men by women. In such circumstances, I am worried that I may lose job and there may some action by police also.  

What should I do in such situations?

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answered Feb 17, 2015 by advocate ashok
This is really sad story of you.  These days this is quite common in office.  Now anything against a female is taken for granted that male is at fault.
You only get remedy in court as of now.  Ask any Advocate to look after your matter before its too.
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