Max age for driving license in punjab in 2008

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asked Apr 11, 2016 in Traffic Law by amar
I have a driving license from India and the issue date is 25-06-2008 and the exipiry date is 12-12-2027. My date of birth is 13-12-1982. It is issued in Punjab

I submitted this driving license for verification somewhere and they rejected this license by saying that the validity on this license in less than 20 years.

I checked online that the max age for license is 50 years currently and from the expiry date of my license it looks like the max age at the time of issue of this license was 45 years.

Can anyone please clear this point for me? Can anyone provide me exact section/amendment/bill and online link for it?

Is my license expiry wrong or is it supposed to be 12-12-2027?

Thanks in advance


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