drunk driver hit my uninsured parked car

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asked Feb 9, 2016 in Insurance Law by gareth
Hi im really at a loss and no one seems to be able to tell me where I am supposed to go or who I need to contact for help with this.

a couple of weeks ago while I was asleep in my house the police woke me up, a drunk driver had hit several cars in my street and then rammed into my car which was parked in a bay on the side of the road.

the driver then ran away although the car was insured under a persons name

The police took my details and told me my car wasn't insured?!

I contacted my insurance and they said my payment had bounced and they had cancelled my insurance.

I was not aware of this and would have paid the premium had I known.

the police have told me they are now treating the car as stolen. although I have my doubts as the person driving was witnessed trying to push the car off the road which in my opinion you wouldn't do unless you owned the car you would just run.

do I have any route to take? my car is a write off and is in a compound clocking up fees?

if the driver isn't traced then I know I cant pursue the insurance company of the car but how long till the actual driver is considered untraceable and can I then go through the MIB?

are there companies that deal with this that I can pay to help me?

thank you I hope you can help.

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